The Summer Mechanical Engineering School at the University of Ljubljana

Organizer — the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana.

All students of the secondary and vocational technical and engineering schools, who wish to spend time with benefit and to create, may obtain an interesting opportunity — the Summer Mechanical Engineering School. Mechanical engineering as part of the engineering industry is an interesting, creative and responsible activity, which has a high practical value. Anytime and anywhere.

The Summer School will be held at the premises of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana from 16 to 19 August this year. The organizers prepared 10 thematic sections, where the participants, working in small groups, will be able to get acquainted with various branches of mechanical engineering.

In addition, the participants will have an opportunity to take part in the interesting afternoon and evening activities, including sports, cultural events and other collective forms of leisure.

The sections are designed for 8–9 graders and 1–3 year students of secondary vocational schools. To sign up for participation in the Summer School, please follow the link:


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