The Third Medal of the University of Ljubljana Athletes at the Third European Universiade

On Friday, 15 July 2016, Špela Orehek and Caterina Lombardi (the University of Ljubljana) won bronze in the team chess tournament.

Špela is a member of the Domžale Chess Club (Šahovskega kluba Domžale), and Caterina plays for the Komenda Chess Club (Šahovski klub Komenda). They scored 11.5 points lagging behind the second prizewinner — the students of the Ural State Mining University (the Russian Federation) — by 0.5 points only. The students of the Belgrade University took gold.

“Our result was unexpected. Given the strength of our competitors, we did not really hope for a reward,” the bronze medal holders share their impressions.

The results of the Slovenian students at the Third European Universiade enabled them to improve their position within the FIDE* international ranking in rapid category. Špela added 32 points to her ranking (her international ranking is 2,052) and Caterina — 30 points (now her ranking is 1,894).

It is worth adding that the female students’ basketball team of the University of Ljubljana advanced to the quarterfinals by winning all three matches in the preliminary round. The female national volleyball team that played in Rijeka showed a similar result.

Reference. The Third European Universiade 2016 will take place in Croatia. This is the biggest sporting event of the Old World held according to the Olympic standards and a unique event in the history of the Croatian sports. About 5,000 athletes attend the competitions, and the total number of participants in the Universiade exceeds 5,700 people. In total, 185 students present higher educational institutions of Slovenia, 136 of whom represent the University of Ljubljana.

*FIDE — the International Chess Federation with headquarters in Elista, the Russian Federation.