The Traffic of Tourists in Postojna Cave and Big Pasture Plateau in the Summer Season Reaches its Record Levels

As compared to 2016, tourists start visiting the Postojna Cave (Slovene: Postojnska jama) more frequently. The tourist traffic grew by 13%. The traffic index in the Big Pasture Plateau (Slovene: Velika planina) has improved by 20%.

The manager of the Postojnski jami Company Marjan Batagelj notes that the record was also registered in the sphere of trade and in the hospitality industry. The total traffic of all tourist attractions operated by the company grew by 17%. Revenues for the first 8 months of 2017 increased by 20%. The total revenue for this year is expected to be 25 million euros.

According to Batagelj, the company started preparing for the increased number of tourists in the early spring, so the traffic boom did not catch them flatfooted. He also says that the growth of tourist traffic to Slovenia is due to the country’s good presentation at the international Expo in Milan. After the Milan Expo event, 120 thousand guests from Italy visited the Postojna Cave.

The manager of the Velika planina Company Leon Keder notes that the plateau enjoys the reputation of the Slovenia’s tourist pearl. In 2017, the cable car has transported 53 thousand tourists to the Big Pasture Plateau. At the same time, the average annual rate of transported tourists in the last 25 years as of the end of August is 32 thousand people.