The Traffic on Motor and Railway Roads Is Blocked with Snow

The road pavements are covered with snow. The highways across the country are wet. The wet snow makes certain road sections slippery across the motorways in the regions of Upper Carniola, Styria, Prekmurje, and Lower Carniola. The information motor transport centre recommends to be careful and drive slowly. Drivers are advised not to go on the road without winter tires. Along the Primorsk road between the Vrhnika and Logatec settlements in the direction of Koper the highway is closed. In the direction of Ljubljana, there is a number of road accidents. A long traffic jam is formed in both directions.

Slovenia. The regional motoroad Vrhnika – Logatec is closed due to the truck’s driving off the road and because of other road accidents. A jam is formed. The traffic is restricted along the Styrian road at the entrance to Zalec in the direction of Ljubljana.

Due to strong winds, the traffic is closed for trucks with refrigerating chambers and cars with sheets up to 8 tons along the Razdrto – Nova Gorica high-speed road between the Ajdovščina and Nanos settlements.

The Karavanke Tunnel is closed in the direction of Slovenia, the traffic in the direction of Austria is limited.

The risk of ice-crusted ground, slush and snow has restricted the traffic to:

– the regional Vrana – Blagovica highway and on the road through the Tuhinjska valley;

– the Primorsk motorway between Ljubljana and Postojna;

– the Styrian road between Blagovica and Šentrupert;

– the Dolenjska road between Ljubljana and Ivančna Gorica;

– the high-speed road through Maribor between the Draguchovo and Malechnik settlements.

The snow caused a complete closing of the following passages:

– on the Mislinja – Slovenj Gradec road;

– on the Vršič, Ljubelj and Korensko sedlo mountain passes;

– on the Mojstrana – Vrata road from the Perichnik settlement and further.

The mandatory junctions are at the Slovenian side of the Jezersko pass. At the Austrian side, the road is closed.

Drivers are recommended to use junctions when driving along the Soriška-Bohinjska Bistrica road and at the Predil pass. On some roads in Carinthia, the traffic is limited. Driving the road across the Radelsky pass requires winter tires.

The railway road between the Villach (Austria) and Jesenice (Slovenia) settlements is closed.

Due to the large amount of snow on the Austrian side, the railway line between the Villach and Jesenice settlements is closed, as reported by the Company (Slovenian Railways). The road and railway border crossings are closed. The international trains from Zagreb to Munich and to Zurich under the numbers 414 and 498 will follow the bypass route of Dobova – Celje – Zidani Most – Maribor – Shentil – Špilje in Slovenia.

For the purpose of internal communication, the Slovenian Railways have organized additional bus routes for passengers. The cargo traffic will temporarily pass through the Shentil border crossing point.

Weather conditions change rapidly. Therefore, passengers can read about any changes and alternative forms of transport on the website:

You can also contact the SŽ (Slovenian Railways) information centre by e-mail: and by phone: 1999.

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