The Unemployment Rate in Slovenia Continues to Decline

At the end of May, the Employment Service registered 87,655 unemployed, which is 3.8% less than in April and 14.3% less than in May 2016.

In May, 5,210 unemployed persons registered for the first time in the Employment Service, which is 0.4% more than in April, and 9.1% less than in May last year. The Employment Service reports that among the first registered unemployed, 2,835 people have short-term employment contracts, 570 people are looking for their first job, and the remaining 919 are specialists who survived the dismissal or bankruptcy of their companies.

Out of 8,642 unemployed persons taken off the register in the Employment Service in May, 6,084 people started working, which is 12.2% less than in April, and 6.8% less than in May 2016.

Unemployment Rate in Slovenia

The unemployment rate in Slovenia is decreasing according to the data of all regional offices of the Employment Service. In May, at the average monthly level, it decreased most markedly in the municipalities of Velenje (-5.9%) and Koper (-5.8%), and at the mid-annual level — in the municipalities of Novo Mesto (-22.9%), Trbovlje (- 20%), Nova Gorica (-18.8%), Velenje (-18.6%) and Sevnica (-16.4%).

In the first five months of this year, the Centre for Employment registered an average of 95,801 unemployed persons, which is 13.3% less than in April last year.

In total, 35,194 people registered with the Employment Service for the first time, which is 8.7% less than in the same period last year. The majority have expired short-term employment contracts (20,555 people — 9.3% less than in the same period last year), followed by those who are first seeking work (3,738 people — 13.5% less than in May 2016), as well as those who were dismissed and survived the bankruptcy of their companies (5,820 people or 9% less).

In total, 47,154 people were taken off the register, of which 35,319 persons — due to the new employment, which is 8.5% less than in the same period last year.