The University in Nova Gorica Holds the Fermi Masterclass

The Fermi Masterclass dedicated to the scientific projects involving the NASA–Fermi satellite will be held at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University in Nova Gorica. In parallel, similar workshops will be held in 4 schools in Italy and at the University of Innsbruck (Austria). The deadline for submitting applications is 27 March 2018.

During the workshop, the main attention will be paid to gamma-ray bursts and gravitational waves. Researchers participating in the Fermi–LAT project will teach students the basic principles of science, detectors and telescope data, and then introduce them to a unified data analysis procedure. At the same time, students will have an opportunity to observe the Cosmos and discover new astrophysical objects.

There will be a Skype-meeting with the NASA researcher, who observes gamma ray bursts through the Fermi–LAT telescope, and with an expert in the field of gravitational waves working in the Virgo project.

The event website.

Applications are accepted at (Centre for Astrophysics and Cosmology at the University in Nova Gorica).