The University of Ljubljana Awards the Most Successful Students

On Wednesday, 5 December 2018, the Rector of the University of Ljubljana, Prof. Dr. Igor Papič, presented certificates of merit to students for high academic achievements. The most successful students were awarded.

The University of Ljubljana awarded certificates of merit for high academic achievements in 2018 to Tajda Klobučar (Faculty of Biotechnology), Leo Ajdinović (Faculty of Economics), Tanja Istenič (Faculty of Economics), Sabina Pokovec (Faculty of Economics), Nina Dragičević (Faculty of Social Sciences), Kaja Primorac (Faculty of Social Sciences), Gašper Podobnik (Faculty of Electrical Engineering), Rok Šikonja (Faculty of Electrical Engineering), Juš Kosmač (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics), Sara Pia Marinček (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics), Žan Pirc (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering), Matej Kirn (Faculty of Management), Valentina Pezdir (Faculty of Natural and Technical Sciences), Katja Kovše (Faculty of Education), Eva Lederer (Faculty of Education), Žan Ternik (Faculty of Education), Jasmina Koračin (Veterinary Faculty), and Aljaž Iskra (Faculty of Health Sciences).

It should be noted that the academic achievements of the laureates are beyond the scope of regular education, and some students already have personal publications in international journals. They are also participants and winners of international competitions.