The University of Ljubljana Holds a Ceremony of Greeting the First-year Students

The traditional ‘Pozdrav Brucem’ ceremony was held on 2 October. On this day, the new academic year officially begins in Slovenia’s universities.

The Chairman of the Administrative Council Prof. Dr. Borut Božič, the President of the Student Council Matej Drobnič, the Rector Prof. Dr. Igor Papič, and the Mayor of Ljubljana Zoran Janković congratulated the first-year students of the largest and oldest university in the country on the beginning of a new stage in their life.

Out of 35 thousand students of the university, about 8 thousand are freshmen. About 500 freshmen-foreigners entered the university in the new academic year.

The cultural and entertainment events took place at the Congress Square (Slovene: Kongresni trg). The unfledged bands Artifex, Nipke, Cubana Ljubljana, AFS France Marolt, Nika Zorjan, BQL performed during the ceremony. Besides, students were able to obtain additional information about their studies and extra-curricular activities.

The event ended with a concert of the Xequtifz Band, and the everlasters went to a party at the Student Campus.