The University of Ljubljana Hosts a Lecture by an American Professor

Paul Marer, Professor of the Central European University (CEU) Business School (Budapest, Hungary) and Honorary Professor of the Indiana University Kelley School of Business (Indiana, USA), visited the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana.

He is the author and editor of 24 monographs and 150 articles and sections in collective monographs. Marer’s research mainly concerns economic, political and business processes in Hungary and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe, as well as in Russia and China. In 2016, Paul Marer, Zoltan Buzady and Zad Vecsey sponsored publishing a book titled “Missing Link Discovered: Integrating Csikszentmihalyi’s Flow Theory into Management and Leadership Practice“.

The concept of enthusiasm as a flow process has also become the theme of a research workshop that was held on 13 June at 1:00 p.m. at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana. Professor Marer told students about the role of enthusiasm in the business world and indicated the skills and values ​​that are crucial for leaders, managers and for all who by personal behaviour aspire to arouse enthusiasm among employees (the so called flow-promoting leadership). He also introduced an enthusiasm-related business game to the guests of the lecture. Professor Marer has been developing this game over the last decade with a group of researchers. One of them is the author of the flow theory as the psychology of optimal experience—professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.