The University of Maribor Enters the Top Ten Research Universities of the Countries that Have Joined the EU in the Last 15 Years

According to the New Europe 2018 ranking provided by Times Higher Education, the University of Maribor entered the top ten research universities of the countries that have joined the EU in the last 15 years. The ranking includes more than 100 research universities from 13 EU countries. When determining leaders, the Times assessed the quality of universities work in the field of scientific research, the index of citing of the employees works, the effectiveness of knowledge transfer to the economy, the quality of teaching and the level of participation in international projects. According to international rankings of recent years, the University of Maribor is among 3% of the world’s best universities.

The Times Higher Education has been publishing the ranking of the world’s best universities (in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America) since 2004. This ranking is based on an extensive database, the results of an international survey on the reputation of specific universities and data from the Elsevier Scopus database. In its evaluation, the Times takes into account the key criteria, each of which is the basis of quality higher education, namely: the level of scientific research; credibility of published works; income from cooperation with the economy; teaching and international cooperation.

The results of the Times Higher Education ranking confirm that the University of Maribor is an authoritative research institution, an important economic partner and the centre of sustainable development of the entire region.

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