The University of Maribor Holds a Fundraising Event for Students from Socially Disadvantaged Families as Part of a Charity Campaign

On Tuesday, 9 October 2018, the new academic year at the University of Maribor was opened with the traditional concert “Gremo na prvi rok”. It has been held for the fifteenth year in a row. The organizer of the event, the Student Council of the University of Maribor, made sure that before the beginning of the academic year, the students had a rest and received a boost of energy and vigour for the successful implementation of subsequent academic standards.

The students were greeted from the stage by famous performers – Nika Zorjan and the bands Tabu, Elvis Jackson, and Farty Animals.

For the sixth year in a row, the event has been distinguished with a humanitarian aspect. As part of the “Students for Students” charitable campaign, a one-time fundraising event was launched for the students from socially disadvantaged families who, despite their difficult situations, successfully fulfil academic standards.

The fundraising event will last until 24 October 2018. The campaign conditions are published on the website of the Student Council of the University of Maribor.