The University of Maribor Takes Part in the Project for Sustainable Development of the Podlehnik Municipality

The project, in cooperation with the Municipality of Podlehnik, assumed compilation of a spatial plan, discussion of principles for erecting residential buildings and hotels with a focus on energy efficiency of buildings and the use of environmentally friendly materials in construction. The project (October 2017 – February 2018) details were discussed during a workshop. 

Completing the construction of the Draženci – MMP Gruškovje highway section will lead to an increase in the international traffic in the region and will connect the municipality of Podlehnik with other Slovenian cities. Besides, the directions and options for sustainable development of two areas within the municipality were discussed. The first area is an investment-attractive site in the centre of the Podlehnik Municipality, where construction of residential facilities, hotels and other public buildings is envisaged. The second area is a site near the Dežno pond. The development of tourist infrastructure and construction of seasonal mobile houses for resort purposes are planned here.

The project-devoted workshop involved the participation of teachers, assistants and students of the Architecture and Civil Engineering study programme in the development of three different solutions for each of the specified municipal areas. At the first stage, the concepts of spatial improvement affecting the enhancement of life quality within the local environment were prepared. Within the framework of the conceptual provisions, objects with different types of wooden civil structures were designed depending on their purpose and structural requirements. In addition, the focus was made on reducing the environmental impact in terms of objects’ energy efficiency and the dimension of their load-bearing structures.