The University of Nova Gorica Is a BlueWin Project Participant

Petra Markovic, a student from the “Environment” (Okolje) MSc program of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences (Fakulteta za znanosti o okolju) of the University of Nova Gorica, took part in the exchange program from 12 to 17 May in the framework of the international BlueWin project held in Zadar (Croatia).

During the course of this program, she successfully led a group of 25 students of the Šempeter Biotechnical School (Biotehniška šola Šempeter).

The BlueWin project is based on a common motivation of all the participants regarding the growth of awareness and knowledge about the problems od protecting sea and water resources, managing water ecosystems, sustainable use of water resources, involvement of the civil society and volunteers into the environmental campaigns that prevent further pollution of the coasts and the sea deapths.