The University of Nova Gorica Is among the World’s Best Universities According to the U-Multirank 2017 Ranking

The University of Nova Gorica (UNG), according to the international university ranking U-Multirank 2017, is among the world’s best universities in terms of the quality of education.

The results of the international assessment of the quality of education published on the website show that the University of Nova Gorica at the global level (as well as on the basis of previous U-Multirank 2015 and U-Multirank 2016 rankings) demonstrates a high result. A particular progress has been made in the field of research, international policy and regional cooperation. A noticeable progress has been also achieved in the quality of teaching. Comparing the results of the University of Nova Gorica and the U-Multirank indicators of other higher educational institutions of the Central and Eastern Europe region in 2017 suggests that the University of Nova Gorica in many respects surpasses a lot of authoritative institutions, such as the Charles Francis University of Graz, the University of Trieste, the University of Padua, the University of Zagreb, etc.

U-Multirank is an EU-developed comparative ranking of universities that is funded by the European Commission. Its goal is to monitor the quality of education in universities around the world. In total, this ranking involves 1,500 universities from 99 countries of the world (3,284 faculties and 10,526 educational programs).

U-Multirank is the first global ranking providing a comprehensive picture of the activities of universities in 5 areas: teaching, research, international policy, regional cooperation and knowledge transfer. Unlike other rankings that place universities within a single scale (TOP-100) based on a single numerical estimate composed of many unequal parameters, U-Multirank gives a complete picture of the advantages and disadvantages of specific universities, which allows applicants to obtain specific and reliable information about the future place of study.

U-Multirank is based on 39 indicators of university performance in various fields. A five-point ranking system is used: 1 — excellent; 2 — good; 3 — average, 4 — below average; 5 — unsatisfactory. The detailed results obtained according to individual indicators of the University of Nova Gorica are available on the U-Multirank website.