The University of Nova Gorica Is an Excellent Entrant’s Choice

Slovenia is an ideal place for living. It features close proximity of other European countries, nature reserves, lakes, sea beaches, developed infrastructure and beautiful cities. In addition, here you can receive a high quality education at very affordable prices. Future students will be surely spoiled for choice. Slovenian universities offer a variety of humanitarian, engineering, natural-science, and creative study programmes and major subjects. We suggest that you pay attention to the University of Nova Gorica, which possesses all the above advantages of studying in Slovenia.

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From History to Modern Times

This leading Slovenian university traces its history back to 24 September 1995, the time when the Faculty of Environmental Sciences, the first international school of postgraduate education, was founded. The founders of the faculty were the Nova Gorica Municipality and the Jožef Stefan Institute (Ljubljana).

The University of Nova Gorica trains qualified professionals in accordance with the demands of the labour market of the region and beyond. Training is conducted in both Slovenian and English languages. Innovative methods are used to teach students. Study programmes are constantly updated and improved. During the training, special attention is paid to developing practical skills in students, which will be useful for them in their future work. Students actively interact with enterprises and organizations, participate in research projects and international exchange programmes.

The structure of the university includes 7 faculties: the above-mentioned Faculty of Environmental Sciences; the Faculty of Business and Technology; the Faculty of Natural Sciences; the Faculty of Humanities; the Faculty of Viticulture and Oenology; the Academy of Arts, as well as the Faculty of Postgraduate Education.

The following Bachelor’s degree programmes are available for entrants: Environmental Technologies, Engineering and Technical Management, Physics and Astrophysics, Slovene Linguistics, History of Culture, Viticulture and Oenology, and Digital Fine Arts. Bachelors may continue their studies on the following Master’s degree programmes: Environment, Engineering and Management, Physics and Astrophysics, Natural Sciences, Migration and Intercultural Communication, Digital Science and Humanities, Slovene Linguistics, Linguistics, Literature Studies and Media Art. Graduates, wishing to opt for science and research work, can receive a PhD degree in the Human and Environmental Sciences, Carstology, Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology, Physics and Linguistics.

The university helps all its students in further employment. Therefore, according to the data for January 2018, 93% of graduates are employed during one year after graduation.

The high quality of education at the University of Nova Gorica is recognized internationally. According to the international U-Multirank ranking for 2017, it is one of the best universities in the world. Besides, the university took the 186th place in the international Round University Ranking (RUR) improving its last year’s result (203rd place). These results surpassed the performance not only of all Slovenian, but also of a number of well-known Italian universities (University of Trieste, Padua University, Ca’ Foscari University in Venice). 

Scientific and Practical Activities of the University

The University of Nova Gorica is not just an educational institution that trains highly qualified specialists, but it is also an important research site of Slovenia. Representatives of the university regularly become newsmakers, making new and new scientific breakthroughs. In 2016, for example, the development by university scientists of a memory cell for organic electronics became a significant event in the world of science. In the same year, the university became the venue for the first Symposium of the International Association of Astronomers in Slovenia.

Among the university professors, there are holders of prestigious scientific awards. Professor of Physics from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Postgraduate Education, Gregor Mali, won the Pregl’s Prize for outstanding achievements in fundamental and applied research in chemistry and related sciences. Doctor of Letters, Professor Kozma Ahačič was distinguished by the President of Slovenia Borut Pahor and received the “Apple of Inspiration” state award for his achievements in the study of Slovenian grammar and literature.

Students also follow their teachers on the scientific path. Students of the University of Nova Gorica are involved in research activities at the Research Centre and five laboratories that provide scientific support to the university. They include the Laboratory for Astrophysics of Elementary Particles, the Laboratory for Physics of Organic Matters, the Laboratory for Multiphase Processes, the Centre for Atmospheric Research, the Materials Research Laboratory, and the Quantum Optics Laboratory.

The results of the research work of these laboratories and research centre fall into the top scientific achievements of Slovenian scientists and are published in prestigious scientific journals such as the Nature, the Science, and the Nature Photonics. In addition, the “Marine Pollution Bulletin” scientific journal has recently published the results of a study on the microplastics concentration in Slovenian territorial waters, which was held by students of the Environment study programme in 2013–2015.

A special pride of the University is the Hadron Collider, located in the Laboratory for Elementary Particle Astrophysics. It was created thanks to the cooperation of the University of Nova Gorica and the Japan Centre for High Energy Physics. They successfully carry out joint research in the field of elementary particles of B-meson decays.

International scientific, educational and cultural exchange is an integral part of the university’s activities. For example, since 2005, the University of Nova Gorica and the Venetian School of Doctoral Studies of the LUAV University have been jointly implementing a study programme for specialists in the protection, planning and management of cultural heritage. Besides, universities cooperate in exchanging PhD students, researchers and teachers.

The University considers its primary task to create and maintain a creative environment, thanks to which real masterpieces are born within its walls. Teachers, students and graduates of the Graduate School of Arts of the University of Nova Gorica regularly win prizes at international festivals. Thus, Professor Rajko Grlić won the Grand Prix of the prestigious Montreal World Film Festival in Canada. In 2016, an experimental film by a student of the Master’s degree programme Media Art and Practice Sandra Jovanovska received the first prize in the category of student films at the 15th European Film Festival in Skopje (Macedonia). A graduate of the Graduate School of Arts, director Dunja Danial, is the owner of the Hrupni Maček Award (lit. “a noisy kitten”) for the best documentary musical “Odpadki druge generacije – po stopinjah nekega punka” (“The Wastes of the Second Generation – in the Footsteps of a Punk”).

The mild climate and the proximity to Italy (Nova Gorica is located on the Slovenian-Italian border) create a unique atmosphere for teaching students of the Graduate School of Viticulture and Oenology, which certainly pays off. Students of this study programme actively participate in the organization and carrying out of industry-related events and win professional winemaking competitions. For more than 10 years, the Faculty of Viticulture and Oenology has been organizing the Student Wine Festival, which presents wines produced by its students, for example, the University Red and the Rector’s Choice wines. In 2017, a student of this study programme Vanesa Klinec won a silver medal at the competition for tasting and evaluation of French wines at the Agricultural Show in Paris.

Diploma “With an Eye to Nature”

Future students can not doubt – an eventful life is waiting for them. The location of the university opens wide opportunities for intercultural exchange and leisure. The Vipava Valley and the Soča River Valley are located nearby. They suit perfectly for active recreation as well as for relaxing walks in nature. By the way, the world’s largest travel guide book publisher Lonely Planet has included the Vipava Valley in the list of the top ten tourist destinations in Europe in 2018. Nova Gorica is bordered by the Italian town of Gorizia. In addition, students can easily get to the cultural centre of northern Italy – Venice. Moreover, just half an hour from the city, there is a picturesque coast of the Adriatic Sea.

Apparently, studying in such a university brings much joy. You still have a chance to become a part of the student family of this cosy alma mater. The second round of documents submission to the University of Nova Gorica will last until 1 July 2018.

Author: Irina Dobrovolskaya

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