The University of Nova Gorica Organises the Annual Meeting of the Fermi LAT Project Participants

On 12-15 March 2019, the annual working meeting of the Fermi LAT project participants, organised by the University of Nova Gorica, took place in Bled. The meeting was attended by over 70 researchers from different countries of Europe, the USA, Japan and South Africa.

The meeting was organised by an employee of the Centre for Astrophysics and Cosmology, University of Nova Gorica, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gabrijela Zaharijaš – the coordinator for the dark matter and new physics issues.

In 2018, the researchers working on the Fermi LAT project, using gamma radiation, measured the total amount of light emitted by stars in the last 90% of the Cosmos history (12 billion years). New discoveries on stellar radiation were published in the Science Journal.

The general public has recently learned about the fateful discoveries of the Fermi satellite in the framework of the Scientific Evenings Cycle at the University of Nova Gorica. Prof. Dr. Julie E McEnery, an astrophysicist, an employee of the Space Research Institute in Washington (NASA Goddard), who in 2009–2018 was the research advisor for NASA Fermi satellite, gave a lecture in the Lanthieri Mansion.