The University of Nova Gorica Took Part in the Eco Day of the Solkan Kayaking Centre

This year, the Solkan Kayaking Centre again held the Eco Day (EKO dan). The program of a two-day event, which took place on 17–18 June, stresses the importance of ecology as well as the protection of flora and fauna. During the day of opening, the Faculty of Environmental Sciences organized workshops for pupils and children from kindergartens.

The next day, a student of the above-mentioned faculty presented a project of an eco-film about the biodiversity in Logarska valley. The film was shot as part of one of the student projects “Po kreativni poti do praktičnega znanja” (“To practical knowledge through a creative way”), which was attended by students of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences and the Graduate School of Arts from the University of Nova Gorica. The same day, the representatives of the Faculty of Natural Sciences demonstrated various physics experiments at the information stand of the University of Nova Gorica.