The upcoming events for 30.05.2016 – 05.06.2016

Uroš Perić, Primož Grašič and Ratko Divjak
at 8:00 PM on 30 May 2016

References: Klub Zoo

Address: Tržaška cesta, 2, 1000, Ljubljana

Tel.: +386 (0)40 533 301

A singer and songwriter Uroš Perić is best known for the general public as an interpreter of the legendary Ray Charles and many jazz hits of the golden jazz era, soul and blues.



The Photogenic Moments 2016: Month of Photography 2016 – Festival of Contemporary Photography
31.05. – 30.06. 2016

Місяць фотографії 2016Exhibitions of various format will take place as part of the “Photogenic Moments” Festival-Biennale in Ljubljana and six other European cities. The event will be accompanied by lectures and round tables devoted to the art of photography.

More information is available on the official webpage of the Festival:



The Youth Day: Sometime and Today
1 June 2016 

Venue: the Andrej Manfrede House in Kobarid.



The Days of Remembrance of the Architect Ivan Vurnik 2016
01.06.2016 – 30.06.2016 

References: the Centre for Slovenian Architecture

Address: Radovljica

The Days of Remembrance of Ivan Vurnik (1884–1971) is a tribute to the memory of the famous Slovenian architect, founder of the modern Slovenian architecture and urbanism, who together with Jože Puchnik and Max Fabiani was one of the founders of the Ljubljana School of Architecture.

The central event is the opening of the “Vurnikova kolonija v Mariboru — inspiracija za načrtovanje sodobnih sosesk” exhibition, which will take place in the Šivčeva Hiša Gallery on Wednesday, 1 June. On 11 June 2016, all lovers of the architectural heritage will be able to take part in the Vurnikova Pot 2016 event, which will be a highly entertaining journey in the footsteps of the Vurnik spouses and the architect Max Fabiani heritage. The journey will begin in Radovljica and will continue in Trieste and Shtaniele.



Kvantavtorska Sabotaža v Novi GoVorici

References: the Society of Culture and Arts Morgan in SNG Nova Gorica, Ledine 105 a. Nova Gorica; Tel.: 041 456 754;

Address: Nova Gorica

Performers: Damir Avdić, Olfamož. The night of psychotic alternative music. The truth that hurts the eyes.



The 23rd Živa Književnost Festival
03.06. – 10.06.2016 

23-й фестиваль Živa književnostVenue: at the ŠKUC Gallery, Stari trg 21

Address: Ljubljana

The festival is a unique combination of prose, poetry and outdoor music. The legacy of domestic and foreign authors under the musical accompaniment of young talents.

The Festival related events:

O’živela knjiga: A series of creative workshops, where children and youth can learn the original writing and drawing pictorial caricatures.

The nights of literature and music with the authors-guests of the capital.



The Red Bull Goni Pony 2016
at 12:00 PM – 12:00 AM on the 4th of June

Venue: the Kompas Hotel, Kranjska Gora

Fee – €15. Facebook

The website of the organizers:

A breath-taking cycling race across country for the lovers of extreme tourism. If you are not afraid of any obstacles — take the challenge!



The Festival of Cherries from the Vipava Valley 2016 — Lokavec


Društvo DOLI Lokavec, KGZS Zavod Nova Gorica, local producers of cherries, manufacturer of M harmonicas

Address: Ajdovščina

Organizers: Občina Ajdovščina and KS Lokavec. Information: 051 345 314,,

Participants: the Basic D. Lokarja School, the Cooperative Lokavec, Župnija Lokavec School, the Sport-Ani Sport Club, Professor Alojz Lemut, Turistična kmetija in vinotoč družine Černigoj, Kovaški muzej M. Cussa, a calligraphy writer Loredana Zega, the ADC Ajdovščina Dance Centre, KK Ekstrem Lokavec, Lesno podjetje Hrast do Lokavec.

During the festival, it will be possible to participate in the fair and taste different varieties of cherries. The participants of the festival will also be able to take part in the interesting touristic and sports events.



The Olive Oil and Chard Festival
04.06. – 05.06.2016 

Location: Portorož

Tel.: 05 674 22 20


In May, a wonderful atmosphere of spring will revitalize the streets of Padna, and the beginning of summer vacations will be further embellished with the Olive Oil and Chard Festival. Free admission.



The Summer International Festival of Buffoons and Organ Grinders
at 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM on 05.06.2016 

Venue: the Centre of Ljubljana

The buffoons and organ grinders in traditional bourgeois costumes in the Ljubljana streets will recall the atmosphere of the past.

A barrel organ is a more interesting tool than it seems at first glance. Although it was mostly popular in the XIX century, when it was an instrument of the poor wandering from village to village, to play it is not as simple as it seems. This requires special training. A barrel organ is the first musical instrument in the history, a forerunner of the modern musical instruments.



Video about barrel organ in the streets of Maribor: