The Upcoming World’s Culture Events for 18.07.2016 — 24.07.2016

Rupnik Family Trio
at 8:30 pm, on 18 July 2016


References: Mestni muzej Ljubljana – MGML, Gosposka ulica 15, 1000 Ljubljana, +386 (0)1 24 12 500, +386 (0)1 24 12 500,,

Venue: the City Museum of Ljubljana, Heere Street, 15

Rupnik Family Trio:

– Anže Rupnik, piano (1998)
– Manca Rupnik, violin (1996)
– Nejc Rupnik, cello (2000)

All three performers are the repeat winners of national and international competitions.


Summer PUM Program: a Look through the Lens
19 July 2016


References: Ljudska Univerza Ajdovščina

Address: Ajdovščina

Studying the basics of using a digital camera, photo equipment, field practice, etc. The workshop is free for all participants. The age category is from 15 to 26 years.

Pre-registration is required by phone 05 366 47 50, 051 419 119 or by e-mail Read more:


Concert by Kultur Scock
20 July 2016


References: Klub Baza Ajdovščina,,

Address: Ajdovščina

A concert by the legendary Kultur Scock band, the members of which are the Bulgarians, Bosnians and Americans. The band plays music in a mixed style of the metal, punk and Balkan rhythms.


Aleksij Kobal: Exhibition “Topology of Goldenhorn”
21.07.2016 – 14.08.2016


References: Galerija Kresija, Stritarjeva ulica 6 1000 Ljubljana, 386 (0)1 306 11 71,,

Venue: Galerija Kresija, Stritarjeva ulica, 6

Abstract psychological processes within magical space.


Water Day with Prima tobogganing on Kongresni trg
at 10:00 am – 9:00 pm, on 23 July 2016


Video preview:

References: Kongresni trg

Address: Ljubljana

Ljubljana is the green capital of Europe. As part of the project, Primavoda invites everyone to visit the summer water park with a big water toboggan.


Performances by Ljubljana Troubadours
at 11:30 am, on 23 July 2016


References: Ljubljanski grad, Grajska planota 1 1000 Ljubljana, +386 (0)1 306 42 93,

Venue: Mestna hiša (Magistrat, Rotovž), Mestni trg 1

The performances by Ljubljana Troubadours held on the Town Hall balcony represent an ancient symbolic tradition, like a shot from cannon, ringing of bells, striking of clock, etc. This tradition was brought to the capital of Slovenia in the XVI century from Graz. At this time, everyone will have one more opportunity to observe the performance of troubadours in traditional medieval costumes. At first, they will appear at the Town Hall balcony, and then move to the Ljubljana Castle (Ljubljanski grad).


24.07. – 30.07. 2016


The annual festival of metal music takes place in Tolmin. We invite all fans of heavy metal music to have a good time within a picturesque nature environment!

The website of the organizers: