The Vinarium Observation Tower Has Been Visited by Over 300 Thousand Tourists for More Than Three Years of Work

For the three years of its work, the Vinarium observation tower, located in the settlement of Lendavske Gorice, has been visit by more than 300 thousand people. The 300-thousandth visitor Stjepan Križnik visited the tower on 3 November 2018.

The highest observation tower of the country with a height of 53.5 metres is called the Eiffel Tower of Pomurje. It was opened on 2 September 2015. The tower offers a beautiful view to the territory of four countries: Slovenia, Hungary, Austria and Croatia.

The attendance of Vinarium grows from year to year. The greatest number of guests visits the tower during the holidays. For example, this year, during the Easter holidays, more than 3,500 people visited Vinarium. The daily attendance record for this tower was set on 1 May 2018, when 1,728 people visited Vinarium.