Slovenian Smart Platform SunContract Provides Cost-effective Consumer Access to Electricity

Using the SunContract platform allows consumers to receive electricity at a lower price directly from producres. This is a brainchild of 25 Slovenian experts based on the blockchain technology.

The platform began its operation in April 2018. It enables consumers and producers to contact directly with each other (“energy pool”); opens up the prospect of a new way of trading renewable energy sources; connects renewable energy sources with each other; coordinates supply and demand in the retail market.

SunContract works as an energy exchange – safely, transparently and clearly. Thanks to the platform, the services of intermediaries are excluded from the sale and purchase process. This allows creation of a lower price offer for end users and increase in the revenue of producers. The platform allows direct negotiations on the supply of electricity and ensures the self-sufficiency of all parties concerned. According to the platform co-founder and director Gregor Novak, the excess electricity can be sold to neighbours or residents of another region of the country, and even donated to charitable organizations.

The platform supports the implementation of the EU Directive on the promotion of using the renewable source energy by autonomous energy communities at the local and state levels. It increases the level of trust between consumers, reduces the cost and automates communication with suppliers without requiring any special technological knowledge and skills. Thanks to the smart contract system and the blockchain technology, it is enough for consumers to enter the basic data on the SunContract platform website – at least their email addresses – while the support service will take care of the rest and send the sample contract. Users can constantly monitor energy consumption and have access to all the necessary information. All payment transactions are carried out in the blockchain format, and the robust digital information is not repeated.

Platform partner in Slovenia is SONCE Energija.