The Visit of the Representatives of Organizations for Adult Education and Career in the University of Nova Gorica

On Friday, 13 May, the Graduate School of Arts at the University of Nova Gorica hosted the representatives of the various organizations engaged in adult education and career counselling from six European countries. The invitation for this meeting was sent by the People’s University of Nova Gorica (LUNG — Ljudska univerza Nova Gorica). The aim of the study visit conducted within the ADEIGUS project was to get acquainted with the service providers and to render professional support for career guidance in Slovenia.

 Університет Нова Гориця

The guests first had a brief excursion along the University of Nova Gorica and learnt more about its study programs and research work. Then, the representatives of the University demonstrated an example of good practice in the field of career guidance and making connections between the higher and secondary education. They presented their concept of secondary schools-partners as well as the programs and work plans with specific target groups of gifted adolescents and children, students, athletes, students with disabilities, migrants, etc.

Later on, the presentation of the Nova Gorica University Career Centre took place. The hosts demonstrated a number of different activities carried out by the Career Centre, both for the current students and for graduates and applicants. On the other hand, various activities of the Career Centre were described in conjunction with the economy sector. It was done intentionally to increase the visibility of the Nova Gorica University alumni profiles and their early entry into the labour market.

At the end, the guests got acquainted with the products and projects prepared by the students of the Graduate School of Arts and watched the presentation of school activities.

 Візит представників організацій за освітою дорослих