The Works of Slovenian Artists Are Presented in Madrid

Slovenian artist Jože Barši and the Laibach Kunst Creative Association (whose paintings are exhibited in the P74 Gallery in Ljubljana) presented their works at the international exhibition of contemporary art ARCOmadrid in Madrid, Spain.

The King of Spain Philip VI and Queen Letizia participated in the opening ceremony. This exhibition is one of the largest in the field of contemporary art. It featured the works by avant-garde painters, modernists and neo-classicists. Within the framework of the exhibition, the largest in the history presentation of the works by the members of the Laibach Kunst Creative Association was held. Pictures of Slovenian painters were sold at a price of 50 thousand EUR. The exhibition’s most expensive picture by a Slovenian painter was the Self-portrait by Tomaž Hostnik, which was sold for 95 thousand EUR.

In March this year, the works of artists represented in the P74 Ljubljana Gallery will be exhibited in Rotterdam and New York.