This Year the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology Will Allocate 415 million euros for the Business Development Programs

The programs should be good, while the pass to their achievement should have minimum difficulties and bureaucratic obstacles.

Ljubljana. For the financial period of 2014–2020, the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology (MEDT) possesses 885 million euros from the European funds intended for companies, business activities, modernization, integration, and internationalization. Only in the current year, the MEDT will implement projects totalling 415.4 million euros based on a variety of sources.

“The task of the Ministry, professional services and companies is to use the money available in the European funds to the full extend. This should be our clear objective. Therefore, the programs should be good, and the pass to their achievement should have minimum difficulties and bureaucratic obstacles,” the State Secretary Aleš Cantarutti noted.

Кошти, призначені Словенії на фінансовий період 2014 - 2020 років (в мільйонах євро).

Funds intended for Slovenia for the financial period of 2014–2020 (in millions of euros).

The Set Goals

“The funds for the period until 2020 are expected to be used for fulfilling the following objectives: improving the quality of scientific research, technological development and innovations; increasing the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises; promoting social mobility, antipoverty programs and reduction of all forms of discrimination,” Aleš Cantarutti said.

The Programs for Enterprise Development, working on the basis of non-refundable assets, are expected to eventually support 4,000 projects. In total, 350 companies will take part in international forums. About 1,000 people will improve their skills and acquire new knowledge in the field of advanced technology, entrepreneurship and internationalization. Over 500 new jobs will be created in the field of internationalization. Finally, 400 high-tech start-ups, investors and 5,000 Slovenian importers will be supported.


From Implementing Development Programs to Creating New Jobs

For the participation in what specific programs is it or will it be possible to register in the current year? The Director General of the MEDT Department of Regional Development Marko Drofenik explains that the programs provided for communities in the amount of 110 million euros for the current and the next years have already been opened, the same as the development programs for companies. During the next two years, the amount of 3.2 million euros will be available to support the newly established enterprises for the Pokoplje region, Maribor and its surrounding area, Pomurje and the Hrastnik, Trbovlje and Radeče communities. The enterprises that will invest and thus open more new jobs will be able to apply for funds amounting to a total of 2,797 million euros.

In the Department for Entrepreneurship, Competitiveness and Technology, the development programs are aimed at supporting research and development projects that can increase the number and level of innovation and market commercialization, and raise the productivity and competitiveness of the Slovenian economy in the international arena. The support is also aimed at growth and formation of companies in order to increase the number of their specialists and profit volume. In the first half of this year, five support programs totalling 19.6 million euros were initiated, while by the end of this year, the implementation of seven more programs totalling 49.8 million euros is planned. One of such programs will be aimed at supporting strategic partnerships focused on innovative development. “We want to promote the integration of scientific research institutions, the economy, large and small enterprises in order to use potentials that exist in the country,” the Director General of the Department—Sabina Koleša said.

“Within the new financial perspective, the main focus in the field of tourism will be placed on the development of tourism products,” Eva Štravs Podlogar, the Director General of the Department of Tourism and Internationalization explained. The amount of 4.2 million euros is available for the programs of innovative tourism products and services development implemented in June. The sphere of internationalization also involves a program for attracting foreign direct investments, in particular, for the initial capitalization of the so-called “green field investments”, which are expected to create at least 300 new jobs. The first tender procedure for receiving funds in the amount of 4.6 million euros will be held in late August.

The Woodworking Department endeavours to support the recently founded enterprises, the manufacture of new types of products, and optimization of the production in order to increase the material and energy efficiency. The creation of an expertise centre for wood processing will be also funded. The centre will start introducing design management and branding into the production and marketing.