Three Slovenian Enterprises Participate in the European Innovation Support Program

The European Commission will allocate the 80 million euro subsidies to 58 enterprises from 16 countries to support their innovative projects. Small and medium-sized enterprises participating in the SME Instrument Program and being part of the Obzorje 2020 Program will be able to receive up to 2.5 million euros of subventions. Projects in health care will be able to count on subventions for the total of 5 million euros. Three Slovenian companies: SmartMelamine, Sinergise and Vanema are among the recipients of the earmarked funds.

The Melamin Company (Kočevje, Slovenia) owns 50% of SmartMelamine, while the other 50% belong to the German partner Ostthüringische Materialprüfgesellschaft für Textil und Kunststoffe from Rudolstadt. SmartMelamine manged to receive a 1.5 million euro subsidy as part of the Obzorja 2020 Program to organize a production line for the manufacture of fleece priced at 6.5 million euros. The representatives of SmartMelamine predict the opening of 26 new work places.

The Sinergise Company from Ljubljana, which is a laboratory of geographic information systems, successfully introduced the developments in the field of Earth observation services at the SME Instrument Contest. At first, Sinergise operated as a structural part of the Cosylab Company known for its projects on global nuclear accelerators. Sinergise managed to become a separate enterprise as early as in 2008. Its founders were Grega Milčinski, Dragan Vitas and Mihael Kadunc from Cosylab. Today the Company has seven co-owners. In 2016, it won the international Copernicus Masters Contest, which has been carried out by the European Space Agency (ESA) since 2011. The Company won the contest due to its development for reducing the time of satellite image display and use from a few hours to a few seconds.

The Vanema Company (Zagorje ob Savi) is engaged in publishing activities. It publishes the Viva magazine and provides financial and legal support to the development of some Studia Moderne brands. It is part of the Studia Moderne Company owned by Sandija Češko, who takes first place in the current ranking of the richest Slovenes according to the Manager Edition. He owns 40% of shares in such Dutch companies as Studio Moderna Brands and Scatenato. According to the results of the year 2015, Vanema received more than 150 thousand euros of profit.

Approximately 1/4 of all projects relate to the field of transport (7) and information and communication technologies (6). In total, the European Commission received 1,378 projects. The second phase of funding allows the companies to rely on subsidies to their innovative activities, such as presentations, tests, pilot projects, distribution and miniaturization, and business plan development. In addition, representatives of the companies can attend the 12-day business management courses. The next deadline for applying to the second phase of the SME Instrument Program (Instrument za MSP—in Slovenian) is January 2017.