To Knowledge through Creativity!

As part of the project worth 10.6 million euros, schoolchildren and students will acquire practical skills in the course of training.

Ljubljana. The Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy (GODECP) approved the draft program of higher education.

The new programTo Knowledge through Creativity!” aims to realize models of open and flexible ways of cooperation between the higher education and the labour market systems. As the GODECP representatives note, “Young people will be able to gain a specific experience in the course of training, to acquire the necessary practical skills to implement their ideas and projects, to develop enterprise and ingenuity that in the future will contribute to a successful employment.”

Another positive result of the project relates to informing pedagogical instructors and internship leaders of various possible formats for academic knowledge transfer.

It is expected that the specific programs will strengthen the cooperation between institutions of higher education and sectors of economy and science.