Top-5 Premium Apartments in Ljubljana Costing from 1 Million Euros

The capital of Slovenia has special offers for discerning customers.

Windows of the most expensive apartment in the capital overlook the Ljubljanica River and the Congress Square (Slovene: Kongresni trg). The 4-room apartment designed in the style of eclecticism with a total area of ​​206.5 sq. m. is located in a house renovated in 2012 and costs 1.25 million euros. It includes a spacious living room that communicates with the kitchen and the dining room. There are also three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a storeroom and two balconies.

A penthouse in a new house in the centre of Ljubljana near the Drama Theatre costs a little less. The five-apartment house is built in the spirit of modern architecture with elements of eclecticism (high ceilings, a typical form of windows and stairs). Occupying the entire project area on the floor, the 5-room apartment with a total area of ​​190.61 sq. m. is worth 1.203 million euros. The object will be delivered in September.

A 4-room apartment of 177 square meters without furniture is on sale for 1.12 million euros. It is located in the same house with the most expensive apartment, but only a floor lower.

In the historical centre of Ljubljana, you can buy the fourth of the elite apartments. Occupying an area of ​​211.9 square metres, a 4-room apartment with a balcony costs 1.1 million euros and is located in a building, which was redeveloped in 2011.

For 1.05 million euros, you can buy the most budgetary object of the premium category. A 4-bedroom apartment ready for moving in early 2018 is located in the Trnovo micro district and occupies a total area of ​​185.5 sq. m. The apartment is located on the first floor of a house built in 2005 and includes a living room with a fireplace, two bedrooms, a study, two bathrooms and a spacious dressing room.

Over the past year, the number of real estate transactions in Ljubljana increased. Due to the higher number of transactions, the average price per 1 sq. m. grew as well. The total value of signed contracts exceeded 2 billion euros. Thus, the indicators of the real estate market in Slovenia have approached the statistical indicators of 2007.

The average price for apartments in Ljubljana is 2,319.06 euros per sq. m. This information can be found at

Earlier, it was possible to reduce the originally declared cost of housing by 20% in the process of bidding with a seller. Today, this share is within 5–10%, as an employee of the Inalbea real estate agency mentions.