Top Ten Professions That Will Be Much-in-Demand in Five Years

Family aircrafts, weather control, housing on Mars, colonies on asteroids… Paintings from the predictions of science fiction writers are exciting, but practically useless. We have decided to look into the nearest, more realistic, future and found out what professions will be in demand in 5–10 years.

Vitaly Altukhov, a leading labour market specialist, research and development director of the Profilum Career Guidance Centre told about prospective professions in his interview with the “Children Mail.Ru” project. Unlike futurists’ fantasies, each item herein is the result of an analysis of existing professions, trends and demands of the economy.

Operator of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones)

Drones are the unmanned vehicles that can make long-distance flights, control territories, and perform measurements. Drones came into everyday life from the military sphere, where they perform dangerous tasks instead of people. Drones can deliver goods to hard-to-reach regions, control the occurrence and spread of forest fires and floods caused by high waters, measure air pollution in megacities, etc. Besides, trading companies plan to use drones for superfast goods delivery.

Operator manages drone’s flight – traces the route, receives and processes data from sensors, interacts with other services and resolves abnormal situations.

Estimated salary: up to 120,000 roubles.

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Green Designer

Green designer requires a good imagination to consider the reuse of old things – their “afterlife”. However, the imagination must be combined with the understanding of manufacturing technologies and care to details. Green designer needs to know the ropes of all manufacturing nuances, to understand clearly the theory of design, and to be attracted by the environment.

A difficult and at the same time the most interesting moment in the eco-designer’s work is to predict and think through all possible ways of manufacturing an object, various ways of using it, as well as options for recycling and reuse.

Estimated salary: up to 80,000 roubles.

Mechanical Engineer of Electric Vehicles

Experts believe that future belongs to electric vehicles – they are environmentally friendly and effective. Their share in the total number of cars around the world is still small, but it keeps growing at a high rate.

Mechanical engineer of electric vehicles repairs and maintains electric motors and all systems of such a car. He should have an eye for electrical engineering, be able to solder chips and assemble components of electrical networks.

Specialists with such knowledge and skills are needed right now. Modern cars are staffed with electronics that requires repair and maintenance. Automotive electricians with extensive experience usually master this profession. However, they will also have to learn new things. Electric vehicles and “hybrids” use high voltage, so the profession requires high qualification of the personnel.

Estimated salary: up to 150,000 roubles.

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Specialist in Training People of “Silver Age”

People of retirement age often feel difficulties in keeping the modern rhythm of life and mastering new technologies, while the existing educational programs are generally geared to young people. Therefore, special courses and master classes for the retirement age audience are gaining popularity. Along with that, the need is growing for specialists who will be able to find the approach to the elderly and provide them with comprehensible explanations.

A specialist in training elderly people should be far more than just a good teacher. He or she must be able to explain study material in an easily accessible form and understand psychological makers of the elderly. Such specialists compose training programs, develop teaching methodologies, prepare materials and conduct classes.

Estimated salary: up to 80,000 roubles.

Medical Robots Designer

Medical cyberspecialists are real innovators in the field of robotics. So far, the number of such specialists is small, which makes them even more valuable.

Designers of medical robots, who can perform complex operations, work at the intersection of engineering and information technologies. They design mechanisms and develop software. Of course, they should be aware of medicine as well.

The profession of medical robots designer is suitable for those who are interested in inventing and creating new mechanisms and devices, considering in detail the implementation of projects. This requires a developed “engineering” imagination.

Estimated salary: up to 150,000 roubles.

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Aerobiology is the science that studies organisms living in the atmosphere. This profession exists at the junction of several specializations: biology, engineering, geography, meteorology, ecology, medicine, optics and physics.

Aerobiologist examines all layers of the Earth’s air envelope: the organisms living in this ecosystem, the way they interact with each other and with different substances, the way they move.

Aerobiologists help to reduce the spread of dangerous diseases and mortality caused thereby. Experts in this profession can both develop new methods of air disinfection and monitor the work of already existing installations, track errors and inaccuracies in their operation.

Estimated salary: up to 80,000 roubles.

Engineer of Solar Power Plants

Alternative energy sources include sun, wind, tides, waves of seas and oceans. The renewable energy sector is only gaining momentum. Thus, there are few and far between specialists in this sphere.

Engineers of solar power plants are responsible for the choice of technology for converting solar energy into electricity and develop projects of power stations taking into account the terrain relief and the weather conditions. This profession is in need for technicians and engineers with a degree in energy studies and with a good creativity potential. They will have to deal with resolving non-standard tasks, search for non-trivial solutions.

Estimated salary: up to 80,000 roubles.

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Big Data Manager

Big data refer to a huge amount of information, the processing of which has become possible due to the development of computer technologies. It yet involves tools and techniques that transform these amounts of information into results that are clear and useful for people.

Sources of such data may comprise user online behaviour, digitized texts in different languages, photos from space, GPS signals of cars and phones, transactions of bank customers, indicators of sensors that monitor complex systems, and much more.

This field of expertise has been actively developing and its specialists are of increasing demand. To become one of them, it is necessary to know programming, to understand statistics and possess managerial skills.

Estimated salary: up to 150,000 roubles.

Road Data Analyst

These professionals are intended to reduce the risks of accidents. Their main assistants are the modern intelligent (smart) systems, such as CCTV cameras, weather stations, sensors, which record events occurring on the roads including traffic jams, emergencies, deterioration of road conditions, etc.

Road data analysts should be able to take managerial decisions about the need to repair roads, install barriers or a new road sign. He or she should monitor traffic conditions in potentially dangerous locations. It is necessary to constantly monitor the situation and to make quick decisions at critical moments, considering many factors.

Estimated salary: up to 90,000 roubles.

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Virus Analyst

The first computer viruses appeared in 1971 and since then they have been remaining the bane of individual users and entire companies. To protect against viruses, you need antivirus software and, of course, those people who are involved in its creation – virus analysts. They are the first to meet with new viruses, working with infected files. Such specialist is constantly “on the front line”. His task is to protect users by any means. He or she literally prepares malicious software studying its features and functionality.

Virus analyst shall also predict the emergence of new viruses. It is important to be a bit of a psychologist – to follow the thread of the software creator’s thoughts, to understand which protection mechanisms have been foreseen within the software.

Estimated salary: up to 200,000 roubles.