Tourism Brings 2.3 Billion Euros to Slovenia in 2016

Intensive promotion of Slovenian tourism is paying off. The Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism includes 40 regions and tour operators. Over the past year, the Slovenian Tourism Board together with representatives of the economy sector held presentations in 30 countries around the world, including the ITB in Berlin, USA and Moscow.

Nearly 900 foreign journalists visited Slovenia in the past two years. Nearly 113 million viewers watched the broadcast of the bicycle race in Slovenia on the Eurosport Channel.

Out the four macro regions—Alpine, Thermal-Pannonian, Mediterranean and Central Slovenia with Ljubljana—the first one is the most “seasonal.” About 30% of all overnight stays are made in the Alpine and Thermal-Pannonian regions, followed by the Mediterranean region (25%), and Central Slovenia with 15% of overnights.

Almost two thirds of tourists who visited the country were “one-day” travellers or travelled through the country in transit. Most of the tourists come to Slovenia during the four months of the summer season.

According to the Slovenian Tourism Board, 1.75 million new users have visited its updated website since its opening in December 2016.

It is planned that, in the future, promotion of the Slovenian tourism will be targeted primarily at the Italian, Austrian, German, British, French and Russian markets. Together they create half of all the tourist overnights in Slovenia.