Tourists Come to Slovenia to Watch Bears

Tourists from all over the world come to the Loška Valley for taking part in the guided tours along bear paths. A local resident Miha Mlakar, whose recent video with swimming bears has become viral among the Internet users, is the author of this idea. The number of video views has reached 250 thousand just for a few days.

Mlakar planned to turn his hobby of bear watching into a business as early as in 2007. However, he first had to pass through the mills of bureaucracy before bringing his idea to life.

Tourists go on a bear safari together with hunters. They usually watch bears through the windows of special observation stations, through which they can also take pictures of animals.


According to Mlakar, his idea was not originally for the masses. Tours are held only a couple of times per year. The group includes no more than 8 persons. Places in all 10 observation houses are sold for 2 years ahead. Within the European Union, brown bears in their natural habitat can be found only in Slovenia. That is why watching bears is of great interest among tourists from Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Britain and other countries.