Traditional Bogračfest Is Held in Lendava

The traditional culinary festival Bogračfest was held in Lendava. In total, 84 competing teams and several thousand visitors participated in the festival. This festival has been held for almost 20 years. Bograč is a traditional dish of Hungarian and Slovenian cuisine, which remains a favourite street meat dish in the country.

The organisers provided all the contestants with firewood and mess tins in a timely manner and prepared all the ingredients necessary for cooking an excellent Bograč: three kinds of meat, onion, garlic, vegetable oil and all seasonings. During the current event, the participants of Bogračfest used approximately 500 kg of meat, 350 kg of bread, 600 kg of potatoes, over 500 kg of onions, 40 kg of garlic, 200 litres of vegetable oil and 100 kg of pepper.

In modern times, when cooking is a fashionable trend, the title of “Master of Bograč” is very important. Therefore, according to the organisers, the teams arrived in full combat alert. The ready versions of Bograč, according to the competition commission, were of high quality and equally deserved awards, which only complicated the choice.

As a result, a commission of six experts awarded gold medals to 10 teams. The title of “Master of Bograč” was awarded to the team of the Hoče Tourist Association, which scored 49 points out of 50. The second place was taken by the “Virs” team, and the third place went to the “Lendava Motoclub” team.

It should be noted that the festival guests were treated not only with Bograč, but also with “ocvirkove pogačice” (crisp breads with cracklings) and “lendavski pereci” (salty yeast pastry), which are traditional dishes for the Prekmurje region.