Tržič Spends Almost 600 Thousand Euros on Municipal Improvement

The investments in the transfer of bus stops amounted to 170 thousand euros. The construction of a new channel from the Sebenje microdistrict to the Snakovo microdistrict cost 80 thousand euros. It cost 220 thousand euros to improve the Planinska Pot Street and around 120 thousand euros to develop the Kriški trg (square). All funds were taken from the city budget.

According to representatives of the municipality, the transfer of bus stops allowed to start works on the improvement of the Kriški trg. For the residents of the Sebenje microdistrict and the Žiganja vas settlement, the pavements and walkways were laid. The motorway became wider with a better overview. The water discharge and sewerage system was also improved. A modern asphalted road leads to the sports park with tennis courts and a new spacious parking lot.

The construction of a new channel to the Snakovo microdistrict made it possible to improve the street. The sewage network will continue to be laid in the direction of the Pod Pogovco Street. The Planinska Pot Street was also landscaped.

The mayor of the Tržić municipality Borut Sajovic stated that it was also planned to build a sidewalk and the utility facilities to the top of the hill in the Snakovo microdistrict. To expand the sports park in the Križe microdistrict, additional sites will be purchased. Cycle lanes will be built from the Pristava microdistrict to the Zadraga microdistrict.