Undergraduates and Graduates of Alma Mater Europaea Are Invited to a Family Business Seminar-Meeting

The Alma Mater Europaea Alumni Club and the Career Centre invite all senior students and graduates to a Family Business seminar-meeting, which will be held at the College of Hospitality and Tourism, 7, Cafova Street, Maribor on Thursday, 12 September 2019, at 05:00 p.m. Event organisers: Alma Mater Europaea, Maribor College of Hospitality and Tourism, and Academia Maribor College of Vocational Education.

The event is held for all students who, at the end of their studies, think about starting an entrepreneurial career, setting up a company, working in a family company or continuing their education in order to obtain valuable professional knowledge for the successful implementation of their own business and creative ideas.

The leaders of successful family companies – Hiša kulinarike Jezeršek, AJM d.o.o. and others – will share their experience with the event participants.


Source: almamater.si