University of Maribor Provides Financial Support to Students-Athletes

On 27 June, the leadership of the University of Maribor signed solemnly the first agreement on co-financing the participation in sports competitions for 2017 based on the open procedure for co-financing the participation of Maribor University students in sports competitions.

The first agreement for 300 euros was signed with Aleš Zver, a student of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at the University of Maribor, a member of the Slovenian national track and field team. Zver has 20 country champion titles and 3 national records.

The right to receive co-financing is granted to students of Bachelor and Master Programmes, who are not employed with the university by the time of signing the agreement. All the necessary documentation is published on the website of the University of Maribor. The deadline for submission of applications expires on 10 July at noon.

Students should send an application to the University of Maribor, Sports Committee, Slomšek Square 15, 2000 Maribor, marked “Request for co-financing – Sport – DO NOT OPEN!” (Slovene: Univerza v Mariboru, Odbor za šport, Slomškov trg 15, 2000 Maribor, marked “Prošnja za sofinanciranje – šport – NE ODPIRAJ!”). The applications sent by registered mail and stamped by the post office before 10 July as well as the applications sent by regular mail and received by the Maribor University administration until noon time on 10 July are subject to consideration.

The participation in sports events is not co-financed if it is already funded by the Slovenian University Sports Association (SUSA). The participants of these competitions should apply for co-financing separately to the Sports Committee at the University of Maribor, except for participation in the Universiade, when the Sports Committee itself receives information about the students representing the University from SUSA and determines the amount of co-financing.

Separate applications should be as well submitted to the Sports Committee in the event of co-financing a student team participating in national, inter-national and interuniversity competitions. However, the team should consist only of students from the University of Maribor.