University of Nova Gorica Increases its International Rating

Univerza v Novi Gorici najboljša slovenska univerzaThe University of Nova Gorica took the 186th place in the international Round University Ranking (RUR) having improved its last year’s result (the 203rd place). The University took the 89th place in the field of pedagogical work. The results of the University of Nova Gorica surpassed the performance not only of all Slovenian, but also of a number of well-known Italian universities (University of Trieste, Padua University, Ca’ Foscari University in Venice). The leaders of the rating are the California Institute of Technology, the Stanford University and the Harvard University (all from the USA).

To receive more information about the detailed ranking of world’s universities with a sample by region, please follow the link of the world map of RUR Ranking.

The Round University Ranking annually evaluates the world’s best universities and classifies them according to their results in 4 areas: teaching, research, internationalization and financial sustainability. Detailed indicators of the University of Nova Gorica on specific criteria are given in the annexes for 2016 and 2017 and published on the RUR Lestvice website.

The RUR ranking is based on the data that the Thomson Reuters Company receives within the framework of the Global Institutional Profiles Project. To analyse and evaluate the quality of university performance, Thomson Reuters uses 3 data sources: scientific publications and their citations index in Thomson Reuters Web of Science, annual surveys conducted by Thomson Reuters within the academic environment (the so-called Academic Reputation Survey), and statistical data obtained by Thomson Reuters directly from universities. Thus, they form the database that includes scientific and pedagogical achievements of universities, the ways of financing their activities, as well as the characteristics of students and staff of universities.

Based on the systematised data of the RUR ranking, 20 quality indicators were analysed. At the same time, the results of scientific research (40%) and the educational process (40%) have the greatest impact on the final indicator.

The University of Nova Gorica, despite its young age and relatively small infrastructure, has excellent indicators at the international level. Its successful scientific and pedagogical results, marked in the largest international survey on the quality of educational services in universities (U-Multirank 2015, 2016 and 2017), are not a flash in the pan, but the result of painstaking work. The level of scientific achievements of the University was noted in the Report of the European Commission on the Scientific Production of European Universities in the Period from 2007 to 2011. It states that according to the criteria of research achievements and the influence of scientific publications on the international academic community, the University of Nova Gorica is one of the five best European universities together with the Oxford University, the Cambridge University, the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne (EPFL) and the Swiss Higher Technical School of Zurich (ETH Zürich).