Upcoming Cultural Events 18.04.2017–24.04.2017

Kevin Seddiki & Jean-Louis Matinier + Klarisa Jovanovic

On 18 April at 8:00 p. m.

Organiser: Cankar Centre, Prešeren Street 10, Ljubljana, 01 241 71 00

A concert of blues and jazz music in the framework of the traditional Cankarjevi Torki event.

Entrance fee: 14.9 euros.

Jardier and Daniel Vezoja

On 19 April at 9:00 p. m.

Organiser: Glasilka Agency, Trebinjska Street 7, Ljubljana, 041 859 976;

Venue: Channel Zero Club, Metelkova Street 4, Ljubljana

A concert of the Slovenian rock band Jardier and Daniel Vezoja, who this year has released his first studio album “Where the Light Resides”.

Entrance fee: 7 euros (advance sale), 10 euros (on the event day).


On 20 April at 8:00 p. m.

Organiser: Centre of Urban Culture Kino Šiška, Square at Prekomorskih Brigad 3, Ljubljana, 030 310 100

The first concert in Slovenia of a German musician, pianist-experimenter and composer Volker Bertelmann (Hauschka), where he will present a new studio album “What If”.

Entrance fee: 18 euros (advance sale), 22 euros (on the event day).

Festival čokolade – 6th Festival of Chocolate

On 21 – 23 April

Organiser: Public Institute of Tourism in Radovljica, Linhart Square 1, 4240 Radovljica, 04 531 51 12

The traditional Chocolate Festival in Radovljica invites guests from all over Slovenia and from other countries. Visitors can taste delicacies from local confectioners and get acquainted with the main tourist attractions of the city.

Solinarski praznik ob prazniku sv. Jurija 2017 – Day of Salt Ponds in honour of the St. Yuri’s Day 2017

On 21 April at 6:00 p. m. – on 23 April at 5:00 p. m.

Organisers: the Municipality of Piran, Tartini Square 2, 6330 Piran – Pirano, 05 671 03 00; Sečovlje Salina Nature Park, Seča 115, Portorož, 05 6721 330

A holiday celebrating the tradition of salt production in Slovenia, which has been the most important business of the Piran people for several centuries. On Tartini Square, there will be a fair dedicated to salt and nature gifts. A rich cultural program awaits the guests of the event, and children will be able to show their talents in creative workshops.

Brda in vino

On 22 April at 12:00 noon to 7:00 p. m.

Organisers: Hiša Marica, Šmartno 33, Kojsko, 05) 304 10 39 and San Martin Hotel, Šmartno 11, Šmartno, 05 330 56 60

Gastronomic festival, which is attended by the largest restaurants and winemakers of the region.

Entrance fee: 45 euros (the price includes wine and food tasting).

Exodos: Sem

On 23 April at 8:00 p. m. to 9:00 p. m.

Organiser: Zavod Exodos, Metelkova Street 6, Ljubljana, exodos@exodosljubljana.si

Venue: Old Power Station – Elektro Ljubljana (Bunker), Slomškova Street 18, Ljubljana

Choreographic dramatization with the participation of the Snake dancer – Raoul TEJEUTSA Zobel (Cameroon) and the actor and dancer Serge Aimé Coulibaly (Burkina Faso).

Entrance fee: 5 euros.

Gregory Porter

On 23 April at 8:00 p. m.

Organiser: Cankar Centre, Gallusov Hall, Prešeren Street 10, Ljubljana, 01 241 71 00

A concert of a sweet-voiced soul-jazz singer Gregory Porter. He will perform a collection of old hits and will present a new studio album “Take Me To The Alley”.

Entrance fee: 22, 26, 33, 37, and 44 euros.

Defonija: Szilard Mezei Septet

On 24 April at 8:00 p. m.

Organiser: Gromka Club, AKC Metelkova mesto, Ljubljana, klub.gromka@gmail.com

A concert of Hungarian folk and jazz music. The band’s compositions relating to folk music and the avant-garde will be performed in the Hungarian and Serbian languages.

Entrance fee: a voluntary charitable contribution.

Rudi Bučar and Istrabend

On 24 April at 10:00 p. m.

Organiser: Orto Bar, Grablovičeva Street 1, Ljubljana, 01 232 16 74

A concert of pop and rock music. Performers: Rudi Bučar (vocals, guitar), Janez Dovč (accordion), Goran Krmac (tuba, wind instruments). Artistic director: Gaber Radojevič.

Entrance fee: 10 euros (advance sale), 12 euros (on the event day).

Nika Solce and Faronika

On 24 April at 8:00 p. m.

Organiser: Prulček Bar, Prijateljeva 2, Ljubljana, 0838 03058

A concert with the participation of a singer, guitarist, composer and puppeteer Nika Solce — a laureate of international festivals of ethnic music in Slovenia, Italy, Serbia and Australia.

Free admission.