Vegetarian Festival Vegafest 2017

Vegafest, the largest festival of vegetarians in Slovenia, will be held in Ljubljana for the fifth time in a row. The information on enterprises, shops, restaurants and other suppliers of eco-products and services safe for humans and animals will be presented on 50 stands. The festival will involve lectures by experts, workshops and a whole range of cultural and entertainment events. The festival will be held on Saturday, 6 May, at the Pogačar Square.

Information about Organisers

The Slovenian Vegan Society is a public organisation specializing in qualified assistance and support for vegetarians, organising training courses in the field of animal rights protection, in the production and consumption of food, in the system of scientific knowledge, nature protection and environmental protection. All the funds raised are spent on projects related to the promotion of the idea of ​​vegetarianism, the protection of animal rights, healthy lifestyle and protection of the environment.