Veselka Pevec and Gorazd Tiršek — the Champion and the Vice-Champion of the Paralympic Games 2016

During the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the Slovene Veselka Pevec won a gold medal in the air rifle shooting competition (the R4 discipline in the SH2 category). Franček Gorazd Tiršek further supported the success of the Slovenian national team with a silver medal.

In the finals, in which, according to the new rules, eight athletes competes under the knockout system, the representatives of Slovenia played a real drama in front of the audience. The fate of the gold was decided by one shot in the second attempt, which resulted in Pevec’s 0.2 points of advantage over Tiršek (211.0–210.9).

Веселка Співак і Горазд Тірсек - чемпіони і віце-чемпіон Паралімпійських ігор 2016

He was in the lead for a long time, for more than one round, while Pivec was the third, later she dropped to the fourth place, but at the crucial moment, thanks to her accurate shots, she reached the biggest success in her career. Before the last series of two attempts, Tiršek had an advantage of 0.3 points, having shoot for 10.4 and 10.1 points. Pivec showed 10.3 and 10.7 points. This result brought her the victory.

For Tiršek, that was the second Paralympic medal since the Games 2012 in London, where he also won a silver medal, and for a newcomer of the largest competition for athletes with disabilities Veselka Pivec, this medal became the first in her career.