Video: The First Rays of the Summer Sun High above the Misty Ljubljana

The residents and visitors of Ljubljana specially met the day of the summer solstice. In advance they raised the Shmarna Gora — a hill overlooking the capital of Slovenia — in the dead of night. There they waited for the sunrise for a few hours, and during the daylight hours they made several trips.

This year, a thousand people climbed the hill in the dark of the moon so that at 05:18 am they could personally observe the raise of dawn. During the sun ascension over the lowlands, on which Ljubljana is situated, the song “The Dawn Broke above the City” (Nad mestom se dani) was played by the orchestra of the Slovenian Armed Forces.

In their interview to RTV Slovenija, the participants of the “24 protesters ur Šmarne gore” campaign noted that they had found out about such an interesting event from the media and decided to participate in it.

The well-known stylists Metka Albreht and Betko Šuhel Mikolič are the organizers of this event. Under the first rays of the sun, Metka Albreht enthusiastically said, “All in my thoughts, all in my legs, all in my heart. See, my success is that so many people responded to my invitation.” Before this event, she expected about a hundred people, but in reality, more than a thousand came.

They went up and down for 24 hours

Metka Albreht and Betko Šuhel Mikolič are the organizers of the unique “24 ur Šmarne gore” campaign. During one day, from 5 am to 5 am, the campaign participants continually went up and down the Shmarna Gora hill along 14 specially prepared tracks. According to them, the objectives of this event are to promote walking and healthy lifestyle, the support of nature and a symbolic trip along the Path of Freedom on an individual route observing the surroundings from a birds eye view resembling a heart.

In the morning, the mayor of Ljubljana Zoran Janković addressed the attendees, and right in the afternoon, the President of Slovenia Borut Pahor had the floor in front of the campaign participants.

Video: “The day of summer solstice on Shmarna Gora near Ljubljana” (Prvi poletni dan pričakali na Šmarni gori):