Vietnamese Circus in Ljubljana

An insight into the Vietnamese culture.

A four-day tour of the new Vietnamese circus started in Ljubljana. The residents and guests of the city will be able to visit the enchanting show, which combines the elements of dance performance and traditional circus arts—acrobatics, gymnastics and juggling. The performance is about the history of Vietnam and shows the modern Vietnamese culture.

Vietnamski cirkus

More than a dozen of acrobats perform together with musicians in the show “Med mestom in deželo” directed by Tuan Lei. The circus show is intended for the audiences of all ages. People can visit it during four days, including the New Year’s Eve.

“Med mestom in deželo” is a continuation of the previous circus show “Moja vas”. This time, the artists will hold a collective experiment, combining traditional and modern elements of the circus art. The audience will be acquainted with the archaic world of Vietnamese villages. Each guest is guaranteed a unique aesthetic experience.

Acrobatic Tricks with Baskets

A key element of the circus show “Med mestom in deželo” is a basket. A creative team of 16 acrobats, jugglers, martial arts masters and street dancers masterfully opens new opportunities for using objects from our daily life.

The musicians that accompany the artists are playing the traditional Vietnamese instruments as well as the modern instruments adapted to the new repertoire of the Vietnamese theatre.

Modernity Meets Traditions

“In this circus show, I wanted to show the modern history of Vietnam and Vietnamese culture, not forgetting about the traditions of the region, in which I was born,” the director Tuan Lei commented to the Delo Edition. In his circus show, he also participates as a juggler.

In the past, the director graduated from the National Circus School in Ho Chi Minh City. Now Lei is working on projects in Germany, France, Canada and Vietnam, while he is the only Vietnamese circus performer who has managed to work with Cirque du Soleil.

Besides Tuan Lei, the idea of the performance also belongs to Nguyen Lan Maurice, a graduate of the National Circus School (Hanoi, Vietnam), as well as to the dancer and choreographer Nguyen Tan Loc.