Vipava Valley Is the Rising Star of Slovenian Tourism

The world’s largest travel guide Lonely Planet has published an article by Daniel Clarke about the Vipava Valley, its beauties, wines and bicycle routes. In recent years, the Vipava Valley, along with the Soča Valley and the Goriška Brda winemaking region, has become one of the most promoted tourism destinations in the country.

According to the author, the Vipava Valley offers excellent opportunities for wine, cultural, historical, sport and recreational tourism. This place will be comfortable for all – a wine connoisseur, an admirer of architecture, an avid cyclist, and just a simple traveller interested in colourful landscapes.

In recent months, an increasing number of tourists has been visiting the Vipava Valley, which has respectively affected the growth in the overnight stays rate. Only in Ajdovščina, in the average annual perspective, it made 40%, as reported by the local tourist information centre.

It is worth noting that in the May publication of Lonely Planet, the Vipava Valley was named one of the ten places in Europe that are definitely worth visiting. It has significant tourism potential and is considered one of the most fertile regions of the country. For this, the locals call the Vipava Valley “Slovenian California.”