What Bonuses Are to Be Paid by Slovenian Companies to Their Employees?

Most enterprises have not yet decided on the amount of Christmas bonuses. However, the biggest of them will be paid probably in the pharmaceutical company Lek.

Christmas bonus is a bonus paid to employees for successful work during the year. It is assessed by the contribution to the successful operation of company and its fidelity to its priorities. The participation of employees in the generation of profit is encouraged by the thirteenth salary. As a rule, it is higher than Christmas bonuses and is paid in the first days of a new year, when the results of work for the past period are known. Mostly companies pay one type of incentives, and only occasionally—both of them.

The most solid Christmas bonuses are expected in the Lek Company (1,300 euros gross). Both full-time and agency staff will receive them. It is planned that some employees will receive an additional amount, which depends on the size of their salary. In Lek, under the collective agreement, bonuses for effective work are also paid, which are calculated based on the employee’s real contribution and the success of the company.

Another Slovenian pharmaceutical company Krka does not stint rewarding the full-time and agency staff. Its employees will receive only 13 euros less Christmas bonuses than in Lek. Based on the results of the first half of the year, under the current operating results achieved, they already received bonuses in the amount of 50.6% of the salary of a particular employee.

Almost all large Slovenian travel companies, in which several thousand people work, will pay out Christmas bonuses in whole or in part. This was stated by the General Secretary of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry Trade Union Karmen Leban. She listed such companies as Terme Krka, Postojnska jama, Sava Turizem, Hoteli Bernardin, Terme Čatež, in which representatives of the workforce have already agreed upon the payment of Christmas bonuses or are negotiating about it. It is planned that the payment would take place in Kompas, the largest travel agency in Slovenia.

Telekom Slovenije also uses a similar reward system for employees. In December, all employees, except for the administration members, will receive a Christmas bonus of 70% of the last official salary.

About 1,100 employees of Akrapovič are included into the incentive system, which replaces the payment of Christmas bonuses.

“This system proved to be effective, because it stimulates productivity. In the first months of the next calendar year, we pay bonuses to employees, taking into account the effectiveness of their work on achieving the goals of the previous year. With a good evaluation of the employee’s performance, bonuses can exceed the amount of its salary,” they note in Akrapovič.

Since 1 January 2017, a new law on income tax has come into force. In practice, this means a larger net amount of Christmas bonuses to employees. Under the new law, there is no longer any need to make advance contributions to income tax.

The thirteenth part of the official salary of an employee, as provided for by the collective agreement and paid based on the success of the company’s activity and taxable as regular salary, can be paid in a non-monetary form.

Unlike the thirteenth salary, Christmas bonuses are mainly paid as a reward and do not affect the future retirement of an employee, being considered in the extra earnings category. Christmas bonuses are usually the same for all employees.

Source: siol.net