Where Is the Best Wine Collection in Slovenia?

1. Danilo (Reteče)

This place has the largest wine cellar in Slovenia. It successfully competes with Michelin star restaurants from the border regions and with a cafe in Italy. Many importers of wine cooperate with Danilo. Virtually all Slovenian brands and branded foreign samples are represented in the cafe’s wine cellar.

2. Rožmarin (Maribor)

Rožmarin Cafe also cooperates with exclusive wine importers and wholesale operators. It mainly represents the products of the Styrian region among Slovenian wines. There are a lot of French wines of the “elite” category in the wine cellar of this cafe.

3. Sophia – Kempinski Palace (Portorož)

Kempinski is an international chain of premium hotels. The collection of the hotel restaurant presents the best and expensive sparkling wines as well as brands of elite wines worth more than 1 thousand euros per bottle.

4. Maxim (Ljubljana)

The cafe, located in front of the Slovenian Parliament, enjoys an excellent reputation and not just thanks to its menu. Visitors of this cafe point out the quality of wines and other alcoholic beverages. Maxim Cafe presents both Slovenian wines and French, Italian, South American wines of the highest price category.

5. Rakar (Trebnje)

There are several cafes with a fine wine cellar in the Dolenjska region. However, the best of them is a cafe in the village of Gorenje Ponikve, the owner of which, in addition to the abundance of local and Slovenian wines, offers a wide selection of foreign brands. The cafe also features an excellent assortment of sparkling wines.

6. Sushimama (Ljubljana)

The wine cellar of the best Japanese restaurant in Slovenia offers a rich menu and a fine selection of wines. Here you will find eco-friendly Slovenian and foreign brands, expensive champagne wines, sake.

7. Calypso – Perla Hotel (Nova Gorica)

Calypso in the Perla Hotel can offer even Dom Perignon. Besides, there are another two dozen brands of sparkling wines. The wine collection covers the whole Slovene Littoral (Slovene: Primorska) region. It also features wine brands from other regions of the country and foreign products from around the world.

8. Galerija okusov (Novo Celje)

The assortment of wines in this cafe in Novo Celje is presented on 50 pages. There are almost all brands of wines that Slovenia can boast of. Particular attention is paid to products from the Styrian region. There is also a wide range of wines from different countries of Europe.

9. Cubo (Ljubljana)

In Cubo Cafe, they know for sure what their guests prefer to drink. Therefore, the cafe can always offer a wide collection of sparkling wines. Many foreign brands are also represented, including those from the countries of South America. The cafe also presents the wines of Slovenia, especially the brands of the Styria and Slovene Littoral regions.

10. Hiša Denk (Zgornja Kungota)

The owner’s cellar stores the best samples of wines from around the world. Here are the Slovenian wines mainly of local producers. There is also a wide range of Austrian wines.

Source: siol.net