Who Pays the Highest Salaries?

According to statistics, foreign entrepreneurs in Slovenia often establish new enterprises. They also provide better salaries for their employees.

In 2015, a regular employee of a company with foreign capital earned 17% more than a person working in a company with local capital.

A large share of foreign enterprises is present in the sphere of trade, operation and repair of motor vehicles. Construction is on the second place. The number of companies in the field of professional and scientific-engineering activities has grown. Excellent indicators of employment have enterprises dealing with electricity, gas and steam. In this industry, the highest income growth per employee was also observed.

The Germans show the greatest commercial activity in the Slovenian market. They employ 20% of workers and create one-fifth of the income taking into account all enterprises with foreign capital. The Austrians and Croats come the next.

The number of enterprises with Russian capital in 2015, as compared to 2010, has increased six-fold. The number of companies belonging to citizens of Poland, Israel, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Japan and Turkey has grown by more than 100%.

As the number of enterprises with foreign capital increased, so did the number of their employees. Personnel staff, since 2010, has been continuously expanding. In 2015, at the average annual level, the number of employees increased by almost 9%, and compared to 2010 – almost by half.

Source: siol.net