Wibe Backpack for Fitness Activities in the Nature

Slovenian company Atlex has invented a Wibe backpack for open air fitness activities.

The designers  of Wibe backpack are counting on people who travel a lot or spend much time in the nature, and therefore cannot visit gyms or fitness centres. A few days ago, the Slovenian entrepreneurs launched a campaign to raise funds on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform.

Slovenci zasnovali fitnes napravo

Part of Sports Equipment That Easily Transforms into a Training Device

“A backpack is considered part of sports equipment, isn’t it? However, if to think carefully, it serves primarily to carry sports equipment,” this is how the Wibe team refers to its potential buyers. Wibe is a waterproof backpack, which can quickly transform into a training device. It allows the execution of more than 150 physical exercises, while serving successfully for the intended purpose — carrying things.

Wibe Backpack Costs from 39 American Dollars

It consists of modules, which form a complex trainer. Wibe backpack weighs 160 g without belts or 280 g with them. On the Kickstarter platform, the Slovenian team plans to collect 75 thousand American dollars (69 thousand euros) to implement the project. So far, they have managed to collect more than 3,000 American dollars, but they have 50 days more before the completion of the project.

A buyer will have to pay at least 39 US dollars (36 euros) for the basic package, which includes a backpack and special “expandable” belts.

Slovenian entrepreneurs say that Wibe can be used while running, climbing, kayaking and backpacking. It trains almost every your muscle group.

In case of the project’s success, the developers want to create a mobile application that would use the sensors on a backpack, through which a buyer can record training sessions and run the personal trainer on a smartphone.

Source: siol.net