Work in Slovenia. Current Vacancies for Students

Commerce Services

Videm Bar in Krško is looking for three people to work in the service sector.

Job Description: work schedule: under the contract. Work experience is not required.

Requirements: age: 18+. Work experience is not required.

Phone: 040 515 357.

Light Physical Work

Family company, since 1993 engaged in the manufacture of gift and souvenir products, is looking for students to perform light physical work. Work in the morning on weekdays. The weight of each package does not exceed 10–15 kg.

Job Description:

  1. preparation of goods in accordance with the order,
  2. packaging of goods,
  3. care for order and cleanliness.


  1. reliability,
  2. agility,
  3. speed,
  4. a desire to work.

Salary: 4.65 euro/hour net, 5.5 euro/hour gross. Schedule: under the contract. Terms: under the contract. Workplace: Medvode. Persons needed: 2.

References: Phone: +386 31 32 44 11.

Work in a Warehouse (Logistic Services)

Job Description:

  1. domestic transportation (around production sites and between facilities),
  2. collection, processing, preparation of documentation for receiving and sending goods,
  3. storage of goods, acceptance and dispatch of goods,
  4. manipulating and controlling processes,
  5. sorting of goods by types and recipients, cooperation and coordination with the production department.

Requirements: a passed forklift operator exam will be an advantage.

Inquiries and applications:

Promotion of Products

A company that successfully works in the field of pharmaceuticals requires sociable and friendly employees to promote products.

Job Description:

  1. promotion of pharmaceutical products in pharmacies and specialized stores,
  2. advice on the use of medicinal plants,
  3. promotion of drops and capsules of medicinal plants,
  4. sales promotion.


  1. It is desirable to know pharmaceutical products,
  2. good communication skills,
  3. similar work experience,
  4. reliability,
  5. a desire to work.

Ability to compensate for travel expenses (depending on distance).

Prospect of further training and the use of knowledge in practice, which will increase chances for successful employment in the future.

Payment: 5 euro/hour net, 5.91 euro/hour gross + bonus based on the number of products sold. Schedule: under the contract. Terms: under the contract. Workplace: Ljubljana.

References: Phone: +386 31 32 44 11.

Work at Manufacture

A manufacturing enterprise from Maribor recruits students.

Job Description: assistance in production, a foundry shop.


  1. physical strength,
  2. a desire to work,
  3. seriousness.

Payment: 4.80 euro/hour net, 5.68 euro/hour gross + lunch + competitive salary. Schedule: under the contract. Terms: for a long period, work in three shifts. Workplace: Maribor and the suburbs.

References: Phone: +386 31 32 44 11.

Consulting Services

Telekom service centres invite students who like dynamics and communication with people.

Job Description: wWork in a service centre. Sale of services, consulting, work with clients, new knowledge, new experience. A young team. Full employment and regularly paid salary. Shift work. Work schedule can be adapted to the academic process.

Requirements: employment for a long time.

Payment: 4.22 euro/hour net, 5 euro/hour gross + bonuses. Shift work in Nova Gorica. Several vacancies are available.

References: Phone: +386 31 32 44 11.

Office Work

A successful company requires temporary employees to sort folders. Employment for 1–2 weeks. Vacancy for students who have free time on weekdays.

Job Description: preparation and sorting of work folders.


  1. speed,
  2. consciousness.

Payment: 4 euro/hour net, 4.73 euro/hour gross. Schedule: morning, 1–2 weeks. Workplace: Ljubljana.

References: Phone: +386 31 32 44 11.

Writing Articles

Job Description:

A company is looking for students to write articles. To participate in the competition for this vacancy, you need to write a trial chapter for a book (1 A4 page) entitled “Milk and Bones: Yes or No?”


  1. excellent academic performance, enthusiasm,
  2. interest in health and healthy eating,
  3. studying at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Medicine or Biotechnology.

Payment: 30 euro/hour net, 35.50 euro/hour gross (for 1 chapter). Schedule: under the contract. Terms: under the contract. Workplace: Ljubljana.

References: Phone: +386 31 32 44 11.

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