Work in Slovenia. Relevant Job Opportunities in Slovenian Companies

Vacancies from Slovenian employers: Petrol, Ms3, Közbeszerzés Figyelő, BLG Carshipping Koper, EVT-Sistemi.

The biggest Slovenian oil trader Petrol opens vacancy of a Web Editor and Technical Specialist on Direct Mailing (Email Marketing).

Qualification requirements:

  1. higher education,
  2. at least 3 years of experience in a similar field (work experience related to integrated processing of ads: copywriting, web design, photo editors: Photoshop, Illustrator),
  3. knowledge of HTML, CSS (all versions),
  4. knowledge of Internet programming languages (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, etc.), search engine optimization, web analytics, SEO,
  5. experience in managing CMS (Drupal, WordPress, etc.),
  6. knowledge of the principles of user experience optimization (UX strateg),
  7. knowledge of jQuery, Javascript, and other programming languages,
  8. knowledge of software platforms Node.js, Gulp,
  9. knowledge of template software platforms, such as handlebars, liquid, ejs,
  10. knowledge of the technical features of e-mail structure (header, subject, content, html, css, etc.),
  11. knowledge of the technical features of sending and delivering multi-address e-mails,
  12. the ability to track trends and restrict the access of e-mail clients,
  13. monitoring the development of electronic technologies and developments in the field of email marketing,
  14. knowledge of mobile marketing and mobile application development realm,
  15. good writing skills and analytical abilities,
  16. willingness and ability to work in a team,
  17. self-discipline, self-reliance, precision and creativity.

Contract for an indefinite period. Probationary period: 6 months. Applications are accepted through 26 May 2017.

Read more about the vacancy at the Petrol website.

Ms3 Company Invites a Back-end Developer.

Qualification requirements:

  1. experience and knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery,
  2. knowledge of Magento system is an advantage,
  3. knowledge of online payment systems is an advantage,
  4. knowledge of MySQL,
  5. knowledge of NET is an advantage.

Contract for an indefinite period. Please, apply through a Web application Vacancy is open until 11 June 2017.

The Hungarian company Közbeszerzés Figyelő will hire a sales manager to work remotely from Slovenia.

Main objectives:

  1. “cold calls”: searching, calling and informing potential clients (companies) about services,
  2. participation in the development of services, providing support for existing customers.

Qualification requirements:

  1. a fluent knowledge of the Slovene language (native speaker),
  2. active knowledge of the English or Hungarian language,
  3. excellent communication skills, proactivity, openness,
  4. general secondary education,
  5. knowledge of Word and Excel,
  6. advantage will be given to candidates with experience of working in call centres, sales experience, with expertise in economics and information technology.

Monthly salary: 805 euros gross. Applications will be accepted until 30 June 2017. Read more at the Employment Service website.

Recruiting agency Dekra (a proxy for the BLG Carshipping Koper Company) is in search for the Chief of the Transport Logistics Department (Koper).

Qualification requirements:

  1. higher education with a PhD degree in economics, organizational science, transport, logistics or with a relevant long-term work experience,
  2. experience in transport logistics and freight forwarding management,
  3. active knowledge of English, knowledge of the German language is an advantage,
  4. knowledge of customs procedures,
  5. work and management experience in the field of international transportation or international road transport operator license,
  6. knowledge of transport technologies,
  7. driver’s license of category B.

Read more at the Dekra Agency’s website. Applications will be accepted until 25 May 2017.

The EVT-Sistemi Company invites an independent consultant in the field of health, labour safety and fire protection.

Qualification requirements:

  1. relevant higher education with a Master’s or PhD degree,
  2. 3 years of work experience in a similar field,
  3. communication skills in Slovene and English,
  4. ability to work with MS Office software package,
  5. driver’s license of category B.

Advantage will be given to those candidates who will meet one or more following criteria:

  1. passed exam on occupational safety and health,
  2. passed exams on fire safety,
  3. training courses for fire safety engineers,
  4. experience of preparing materials on fire safety,
  5. experience of working as a safety engineer at a construction site,
  6. knowledge of legislation in the field of environmental protection and 14001 Standard,
  7. knowledge of OHSAS 18001 Standard.

Applications can be sent via the Web application through 23 May 2017.