This Year, Slovenian Farmers Have no Problems with Frost

The professional services of the Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry (KGZS) monitor the effect of low temperatures on winter crops, vegetables and perennial crops. According to their findings, to date these crops have not been damaged significantly. The winter crops, rapeseed and spring crops sown in time, even at very low temperatures, will not be affected by the absence of snow cover.

The Late Sown Crops Are More Sensitive to Cold Weather

The later sown grain crops are in a much worse situation, especially those sown in November. These plants are less developed and have a weak root system. It is good that no large differences in temperature are observed, and the plants are in a state of suspended animation due to the frozen topsoil. Snow is a good insulator, and the plants will only benefit from its thin layer.

Cold weather can harm the late (after maize harvesting) sown herbs and clover. Since the plants are still small, they can completely be killed by frost, so that they should be re-planted in the spring. The herbs and clover planted in September are in better condition and can easily survive the winter even at low temperatures and without snow cover, as noted in KGZS.

The rapeseeds are mostly well developed. The temperature of -20 °C may damage the foliage, but the inflorescences remain protected.

Frost Does not Harm Vegetables

The KGZS experts did not record any significant problems in vegetables. Low temperatures do not harm them, as there are no sharp fluctuations in temperature. The low temperature useful for the soil is maintained throughout the day. It is important to trample the farmland as less as possible. When the temperature rises, the greenhouses should be well ventilated.

Protecting Young Trees and Grapes

Fruit cultures react differently to the cold winter weather. Apple and pear trees withstand the temperature of up to -25 °C, and peach trees—up to -20 °C. Wherever the low temperatures are currently fixed, it is required to stop pruning apple and pear trees. Stone fruit trees shall be pruned later.