Zavinek Is the Most Illuminated Settlement in the Lower Carniola Region

For 20 years in a row, on the eve of the Christmas and New Year holidays, the settlement of Zavinek (Lower Carniola region) has traditionally been decorated with LED figures of animals and people. A bright and colourful row of LED figures stretches for 10 km across the settlement.

Up to 20 thousand tourists from Slovenia and other countries visit Zavinek each year. Each time new figures are added, their location changes, so that they always attract the interest of regular guests.

The idea of opening an exhibition of street LED figures arose in Zavinek during the competition for the most decorated settlement in the municipality of Škocjan. Over the years, the row of LED figures has kept growing in length thanks to the efforts of the concerned local residents.

The festive illumination in the settlement of Zavinek will work until the Three Holy Kings’ Day (Epiphany, the 6th of January). The illumination turns on automatically every evening at dusk.