Zinka Zorko, a Professor of the University of Maribor, Won the Presidential Award

During the welcome reception at the presidential palace, the Head of the Republic of Slovenia Borut Pahor presented the Order of Merit to Zinka Zorko, a professor emeritus of the University of Maribor and an academician of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SAZU).

The presidential office informs that Zinka Zorko was awarded for her contribution to the development of Slovenian dialectology and strengthening of the international reputation of Slavic Studies.

Zinka Zorko is a leading expert on the Slovene, Carinthian, Styrian and Pannonian dialects and parlances. She is among the Slovenian Slavonic scholars, who have laid the foundations of the Slovenian dialectology. Her study of dialects and their interaction with the literary norm, the German language, the Hungarian language and the Croatian Kajkavian dialect in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries was a huge contribution to the history of Slovenian dialectology.

Zinka Zorko’s works prove the strength and the international recognition of the Slovenian Science.

Source: um.si